Setting Goals and Living Your Dreams

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Hello Groovy People,

I wanted to make this post partly for those that may need inspiration, and for myself. I like to make goals and I dream big. This all started when I was about fifteen years old. I planned out my entire life from college, to my career, even when I was going to get married and have children. But, as life would have it, I did not graduate “on time” but instead it took me ten years! I am still single, and have zero children(pretty lucky with this one).

To say the least, I was not realistic in my plans. I didn’t take into account my struggles I would face at eighteen which lead to my many breaks, and the uneasy world of dating.

Regardless, I didn’t let that stop me.

I don’t know about you, but I have dealt with (and still dealing with) mental illness. Although it has slowed me down, it has not stopped my natural determination to do big things. If you are dealing with a mental illness, know that it’s not your fault.

I can’t say this enough, but I feel like with so much violence in the media and mass ignorance, people assume those with mental illnesses are a bad day away from shooting everyone on site. This is not the case.

I personally wouldn’t go around telling everyone your business, but instead, have pep talks with yourself. Have a heart to heart and find out what YOU want.

I like traveling, working with children, and writing. So after dealing with my issues and finding what works for me (positive affirmations and meditation), I began making a list of goals in a journal.

At first I just put them on paper. That’s the easy part.

Next, do your research and make a plan, a realistic plan.

I want to live in New Zealand, but I can’t without a teaching certification. So I researched how I could get one. I also don’t want more added debt. Luckily I live in New Jersey which has a program that allows me to get my cert and work full time.

I also needed to be realistic about my time table. This is the hardest because I am a now or never type of person. I want what I want NOW. However, getting what I need takes time. Between the tests I had to take, and the time I needed to take the courses, it was not going to be done in a few months.

Once you realize that what you really want takes time, be dedicated.

But that’s not easy. Road bumps come especially when you are at your weakest. So my biggest thing is make your end goal the prize, or if you need something quicker to make things easier, make checkpoints.

A checkpoint could be, oh you passed this test, buy yourself a treat. Or you finished a semester of school, go on a weekend vacation. Make the journey bearable because truthfully, nothing is easy in this world. Not even when you’re working towards something you want.

As of now I am entering my first semester of graduate school. With three more left, I can say things are working out well. But it’s a lot. So I will keep you posted as I go along. I hope that you will either find this post interesting, or inspirational. Whatever your journey is, make it yours and enjoy!

Until then…


New Journey

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Hello Groovy People,

I have a new job! At this moment I am an elementary school teacher via the Alternate Route. This is an exciting time because everything is falling into place. Unlike the first time, when I started my journey as a teacher, I have planned everything. I am also going about it in a realistic way. This journey will take time, and I am prepared.

The best feeling is knowing that my hard work is showing results. It is a lot of work, but in the end, it’s what I need.

Although I am living the dream, I still want to pursue writing. Until that pays off, I will stick with teaching as a way of purpose and income. No point in being a starving artist.

Have you ever had a dream, or dreams? How many times have you failed before you succeeded?

I’ll be sure to keep you updated.

Until then…

Fall Daze and Motivation

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When the cold air chills, it is time to reflect.

I think about what I’ve done, and what I want to accomplish.

Here, 2 years ago, I was in Japan working and planning a life as a writer.

Due to reality, I have to merge my lifelong passion with teaching.

Don’t get me wrong, teaching is a lifelong passion of mine too.

Yet, I’ve done so much in terms of teaching and working with children.

Writing has always taken a back seat, and I can’t stand it!

Balancing life with two big goals is tough, but I must do what is best in the long run.


I completed all four of my tests for teaching, and applied to a college to complete some classes.

Now I wait while my application is in the wind.

I also applied for a few jobs. I do plan on applying for more jobs in other districts.

With this part of my life at a decent standstill, I now look towards my other passion, writing…

It is not easy to stay motivated.

I know I know, what is up with your writing!

I have to admit that I am a bit scatterbrain with many of my posts.

The idea is for you to look at these personal posts as an opening into my mind, my personal journal if you will.

It’s not polished, is what I’m basically trying to say.

So, about my motivation with writing…

I find it harder to stay with it than when I was in Japan.

You see, in Japan I worked from 10:30am to 7:30pm. I had zero energy during my work days.

On Saturday nights, I often slept around 1 or 2 in the morning after hanging out with friends, or washing my clothes. So by Sunday, I had personal time.

It’s really funny that, as tired as I was, and as much as I wanted to rest on my days off, I did the most work.

I would write for hours on Sundays, in a public cafe!

However, the time had nothing to do with my motivation, it was my mindset.

You see, as tired as I was, and as much as I didn’t like some aspects of my job in Japan, I was really happy.

Happy to be in Japan! Happy to be a classroom teacher, happy to have a social life and actual friends, happy to go out and meet people, even date (although I was always friend zoned :/ ).

Overall, I was really at peace.

Now that I am in America, I don’t have any of those things, and quite honestly, it disturbs my calm.

It makes it hard to get out of bed. I have way more days off than before due to my current job, and I still don’t write.

It is a rut I hope can just end.

I wish I could just say “be inspired dummy and go for your dream of writing!” but if you’ve ever dealt with anyone with certain mental illnesses, then you know it is a lot harder than just believing you can do it. You have to feel it inside out.

What I’m trying to say is that I feel like I’m in a daze. I have aspirations, but in my current mental state, I just can’t seem to shake off this sad feeling. It’s a heavy feeling. One that seems to keep me from doing too much.

Believe me, I am trying not to go in full despair mode! I am actively getting closer to getting my teaching certification. It’s just, with all my sad feelings, doing all of these tests, and preparations for my teaching cert., I just don’t have enough “energy” for anything else.

Have you ever felt this way?

Anywho, I hope a meditation app helps. I can’t really talk to others, they don’t seem to get it.

That’s ok, it’s my burden anyway.

I just hope that with a new job, it can give me some of what made me happy when I was in Japan. I’ll wait and see about that. Oh, and I’ll of course keep you posted.

Until then…

A Space Tale and Inspiration…


Hello Groovy People,

It has been a while since I made my last entry.  I have been busy of sorts with taking tests, teaching origami, and resting.

I have great news, I have passed two of my tests and I have two more to go!

That is not why I write this entry today.

I have been going back and forth for over a decade with my space book.  It was something that was inspired by two very different things:

  1. Joss Wedon’s Serenity
  2. Foo Fighters album The Colour and Shape

I know what you’re thinking, how can a Foo Fighters album influence a story?  Well, when I listen to music I often imagine people, places, and situations.  It can be a love story or an action fight scene that plays out in my head.

The album I mentioned was bought while I was in high school over 15 years ago.  I only bought it for one song, Everlong.  However, during a trip to Six Flags Great Adventure, I had the entire album play as I sulked; I was 19 at that time and hated going to an amusement park.

Luckily for me, hearing that album play gave me an idea of a space tale that centered around two cheeky girls, and a hell of a lot of intergalactic adventures.

Of course, years went by and I scraped most of what I had.  I had finished the entire book, but it was so unfocused that the abrupt end was confusing even to myself.

I decided to reboot it of sorts like I did with Journey’s End.  I must say that it is much better with a more fleshed out story.  I am nowhere near finished, but I’ll keep you updated!

Until then…

Updates and things…

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Hello Groovy People,

So it is July and things are going well.  I’m working a ton and trying to stay motivated with my writing.  A few weeks ago I went to Bookcon in New York, and it was pretty interesting.  To be honest, travelling and being around large groups of people is mentally exhausting.  So I only stayed about 3-4 hours. I did enjoy getting free merch and seeing the different displays.  I took a lot of mental notes and will try to plan for next year with possibly a children’s book.

Recently, I have been working on a short story which was inspired by a picture I found online.  It is a digital drawing by a really good artist.  I’ll get into more detail when the story is finished.

I am also preparing for my 4 tests, 3 of which I am taking this month!  I am very very very nervous and anxious, and just about stressed out.  However, it is something I must do, and I am prepared to do what I can to make my new goals come to fruition.

I will also try to update my blog more…but we shall see.


Until then…