About Jazzi!


I am an author, teacher, Japan enthusiast, professional procrastinator, and all around silly heart. I have been writing and drawing since I was 6 years old. I published my official novel in 2013 called Amazons of the Myst. My newest book, Journey’s End is now available for purchase.

I have been a Japan enthusiast since I was 12 years old. I love anime, jpop, the history, culture, people, and food! I previously taught in Japan as an English language teacher!

I have been teaching and working with children since I was 15. There is no better positive energy than a child’s. They are full of life and randomness. I love it all and can’t believe I lived my dream.

I am currently back in America and just published my second novel, Journey’s End.  Please refer to the tab, Journey’s End, to read the first chapter! Or click here!

Feel free to click on the other links to view pictures, and writings of mine.

Journey’s End – a novel

Deviant Art Page

Amazons of the Myst-a novel

Barnes and Noble Website!


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