Marketing Goals and Woes

Hello Groovy People,

As December comes to an end, I have started a new plan in marketing my book. It was always easier to create a story, and over the last several years, it was even easy to publish. However, without being attached to a publishing company, I must do all the hard work of publicity alone. There is so much information out there on what to do, how to do it, how to do it right… But there are no real answers as to what will work for me. As frustrating as this has been, I look at my current plan with optimism. Perhaps I am just happy that I have varied ways of marketing my book (for free), even if it doesn’t generate the numbers I need (yet).

Anywho, I have an instagram page, and now a YouTube page dedicated to putting myself out there. Will it drive traffic to my books? Not certain, but I have high hopes. If you would like to see my pages and support me by subscribing, click the following links:

Journal Jazzi YouTube

Journal Jazzi Instagram

Until then…

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