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Back to Writing!

Hello Groovy People,

Although I felt sluggish today, I have a surge of energy.  I recently started working on an anthology.  At least, perhaps it’s just a bundle of short stories.  Not sure how they can all connect to each other, but whatever, I’m back at writing.  I don’t like getting lazy after working on a book and publishing.  After Amazons of the Myst, I took a 4 year hiatus.  I think writing is something that I just have to do.  If I get too lazy and don’t write, years will go by.  For now I’m feeling pretty good and hope that this “anthology” or whatever it is will keep up the pace.  I’ll let you know more about it in another post.

Until then…


Feelin’ Fine


It has been over a month since I came back from Japan.  I have been filled with a ton of emotions.  To deal with them, I joined a gym for 6 weeks.  This will hopefully help with maintaining a schedule, plus reduce stress.  I have also limited my list of things I feel I need to accomplish.  For now I’m trying to take things slow.  It isn’t easy, but it’s something that needs to be done.  I can’t say I’m happy, but I can say I’m feelin’ fine.

Till then groovy people…

Chapter 16, the end of a journey and beginning of a new one…

Hello my groovy people.  It’s been a long time since I posted anything.  As of now it is the end of February and my contract in Japan is almost up.  I am sad to leave my students in April, but so happy to start a new career and life for myself as an author.

For a very long time I had wanted to focus on writing.  I had two passions in life.  One was teaching, but the very first was writing.  I kept it on the back burner due to real life and yadda yadda.  However, I can’t keep it on the sidelines anymore.  I want to be an author and if I can put myself in college, graduate, move to Japan, and live on my own, then I can do this too.

I’ll have a separate posting about my journey of how I came to write and complete my current novel.  For now, I’ll just let you know that I am on the last chapter and looking forward to finishing it soon.  March is going to be fun, stressful, and the start of something awesome.  Stay tuned!


2 Weeks Left! Randomness…

So now is the time where it is starting to sink in.  I am about to leave and work for a year in Japan.  Wow!!

I have decided to perm my hair.  As much as I would love to keep my naturalness, my hair has become psycho curly since my last post, and I have enough to deal with at the moment.  By the way, I also have a throat infection.  Great 😦

I am pretty happy and recently went to NY to apply for my visa.  It was very efficient and only lasted 20 minutes.  haha.  I am eager to enjoy my last 2 weeks, get my hair permed by my mama, and eat myself into an oblivion.  haha just kidding about that last part.

I hope to post a few more things before I leave, and start my youtube channel in April.

I haven’t written anything as of late(referring to my novels).  I was working briefly as a preschool teacher, which was how I got sick. haha.  Children, the gift that keeps on giving.  🙂

To be honest, working as a prek teacher was a great way for me to get back into the mindset of a teacher before I travel to Japan.  After all, I haven’t taught from December until February.  That was a long time of doing nothing and just vegging out.

Oh and if you haven’t subscribed to my youtube channel, just go to the tab “When In Tokyo” and subscribe!

6 Weeks Left! Woop Woop!

Okay so my new life in Japan starts in about a month and a half.  That is both a lot of time and no time!  After all, there is still some preparation for the job.  I have recently made the decision to go “natural” by wearing my hair in braids.  No extensions though.  Although I personally feel that permed hair is more aesthetically pleasing( I am speaking specifically about my own hair, and not other peoples), I feel that it will be easier for me in the long run.  Getting a perm in the states is super easy because there are obviously a lot more people with my kind of hair.  Plus my mom always did it.  Shout out to mama!

Yes, there are international salons in Tokyo that I could go to, but to be honest, I am very picky about perms.  If done correctly, your hair grows and things are good.  If not, well… you go bald.  Not that I am saying there are no beauticians in Tokyo that can do my “kinky” hair, but the number is lower.  This means that the odds of finding a decent stylist is low as well.  That makes me darn nervous.

Also there is this thing about price.  In America, there are boundless options for getting perms at a variety of prices.  On average, $40-$150 depending on where you go, or who you go to.  There is one place I researched in Tokyo that does relaxers, but that price exceeds $100 in yen.  To go there every two months or so gets really expensive.

Who knows, maybe I’ll change my mind during the year and spend the yen.  Or maybe I could use that extra money for a day trip, or importing hair care products from the States.  Either way, I feel that braiding my hair would make it healthier by not using a chemical relaxer.

I am just starting to braid my own hair and surprisingly I am doing well.  I improve every time I try and that makes me feel good.  I would love to keep it up because why not!  Natural hair is gaining more acceptance in the world and the business world as well.  That is important!  As a black woman I always felt that “kinky” hair was seen as “unkempt” and “unattractive” to others for a long while.  Permed hair, or straight hair, was seen as “neat” and “good”.  I mean it’s still like that in a lot of places, even in the States.  Yet, things are changing and it makes me feel more confident in going back to my natural state.

However, I am a very indecisive person, soooo…. let’s see how long this lasts. hahaha.


New hair New time!

Hey everyone! My new hairstyle to get my hair back in check. LOL

It’s a bit too short for my tastes but if this gets my hair healthy again…