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Dabbling in Music…

Hello Groovy People So I recently joined SoundCloud and made three tracks.  I had GarageBand on my IPod and played around with some buttons. hahaha It’s pretty fun and I’ve gotten some great comments.  I’m not a musician by any means, but I do… Continue Reading “Dabbling in Music…”

A Calm State of Mind

The following are from the countryside in Chiba, Japan.  Just enjoy.  * Play music at the bottom of this post before going through the pictures for an awesome experience.    

My Eclectic Tastes: Kelis

I am a fan of music.  It inspires my calm and the novels I write.  I decided to make segment type posts about my varied tastes in music. This post is all about Kelis.     I first heard Kelis in 1999 with her… Continue Reading “My Eclectic Tastes: Kelis”