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The Border

A poem by Jasmine Clark A tightrope in the middle Happy on one side Sad on the other You teeter on the balance with ease I fall to either side Unable to climb back up Drowning in this emotion I choke on its power… Continue Reading “The Border”

Feeling the Weight of Doubt

I doubt that I can make changes. I doubt that I can do my best. I doubt better things wait for me in the future. I doubt if I will be here in the future. I’m being crushed under the weight of terrible thoughts… Continue Reading “Feeling the Weight of Doubt”

Love Like a Rock Star!

Hold me like the bass Tighten your embrace Strum along my straps like strings Tap the thighs and feel the warmth it brings Humming along with your falsetto Bring me closer, yes, here we go Pull in for the breath Exhale, slow and even… Continue Reading “Love Like a Rock Star!”

Jazz Club Love

It hits me Like that sound of your voice when you go higher than high Hitting those notes of everlasting sorrow Flowing like the hiss of the saxophone Vibrating, echoing out into the room Entering and exiting through ears Drawing hearts nearer to the… Continue Reading “Jazz Club Love”

Be Yourself?

Be yourself. You know, who you really are. People will respect you, honor you, value the truth of your own being. But only if it fits what we value, what we accept, what we cherish and accept as normal decent good cool realistic et… Continue Reading “Be Yourself?”


Hum of the drum the melody speaks to the voices within my heart ticking with rhthym beat by beat my heart flutters with the ambient soothing echo of waves a crescendo of voices beat simultaneously their laughter infiltrates stinging with sensations of happy vibes… Continue Reading “Melody”