The Border

A poem by Jasmine Clark

A tightrope in the middle

Happy on one side

Sad on the other

You teeter on the balance with ease

I fall to either side

Unable to climb back up

Drowning in this emotion

I choke on its power

You see me down there

Impossible to imagine why I can’t get myself out

For I am stuck in the abyss of emotion

To strong to let me go

You reach out to save me

But eventually you tire

A mere bout of kindness is stifled by that abyss

It continues to cover me

You leave

And here I am left with a void

Alone, I find myself on the tightrope, the balance you once stood

Only to fall to another side

You reluctantly return

But like before, you leave

Exhausted and done, you never come back

And as a cycle always finding itself back at the same point

I repeat my climb to the tightrope

But it repeats, and I fall

Only, I am alone






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