Feeling the Weight of Doubt

I doubt that I can make changes.

I doubt that I can do my best.

I doubt better things wait for me in the future.

I doubt if I will be here in the future.

I’m being crushed under the weight of terrible thoughts and disappointment.

I’m being suffocated under the weight of my insecurities and loneliness.

I feel helpless


overwhelmed and underwhelmed with life

I cannot be stronger because of how weak I feel

what more can I do?

what can I do that I haven’t done before?

if nothing changed then, what can I truly expect now?

pointless and petrified I sit here with nothing to ponder

but my own demise

my own self loathing

self pity

pity party

wallowing in self sympathy


utterly alone

3 Comments on “Feeling the Weight of Doubt

  1. Your body is asking for a pity party- give it one. Go all out. Bath bombs and candles, scented soaps– heck get a slice of frozen chocolate pie and eat it in that bathtub too. Put on your favorite music and let the tears come. You’re body is asking for care– and you know exactly how to make it shine. This sucks- let it suck. So something’s you’ve always wanted to do- that you can do. See that movie by yourself. Wear a loud hat. Eat popcorn in the front row. Laugh. Or do it at home. After your chill bath. Spoil that little part of you that needs spoiling. I find scripture study and prayer to be powerhouses to feed my soul. Hugs. Feed your soul.

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