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I am finally finished! Book 3 is done!

Hello groovy people, I am finally done with my third novel.  I am now in the process of proofreading it, then I will copyright it.  After that I will find an editor to do a full edit.  Finally, I will try to open a… Continue Reading “I am finally finished! Book 3 is done!”

Chapter 16, the end of a journey and beginning of a new one…

Hello my groovy people.  It’s been a long time since I posted anything.  As of now it is the end of February and my contract in Japan is almost up.  I am sad to leave my students in April, but so happy to start… Continue Reading “Chapter 16, the end of a journey and beginning of a new one…”

Chapter 14…Updates?

Hello,  I have been on Chapter 14 for a few months now.  In November I was not feeling so great, and put my writing on hold.  I decided to reread everything in December so that I could edit what I had thus far. Luckily… Continue Reading “Chapter 14…Updates?”

Chapter 12!

I’m very happy to let you know the writing is still going strong!  Today was extra great because I was even more inspired than usual. I feel this is going to be my longest book. Originally the book would have ended by now, but… Continue Reading “Chapter 12!”

Update: Still Going Strong

Hello fellow readers.  I have been working on my novel for three months now and it’s going well!  I am currently on Chapter 10 and feel energized every week.  Every Sunday I wake up at 8am and go to my local bookstore.  There, I… Continue Reading “Update: Still Going Strong”

Feeling Energized! Writing Book 2!

In a past post, I wrote about a newish book I was working on.  Turns out that I am rewriting it from scratch.  It’s great because I feel like I’ve grown as a writer.  I can add on to things about my story and… Continue Reading “Feeling Energized! Writing Book 2!”

Candles and Things

It has been a long while since I’ve posted anything.  I am in the middle of Golden Week here in Japan.  I’ve been spending my days hanging out with friends and enjoying my time away from work. I’ve gone to Harajuku, aka the fashion… Continue Reading “Candles and Things”

2 Weeks Left! Randomness…

So now is the time where it is starting to sink in.  I am about to leave and work for a year in Japan.  Wow!! I have decided to perm my hair.  As much as I would love to keep my naturalness, my hair… Continue Reading “2 Weeks Left! Randomness…”

Inspired again…restarting book 3

A few months back I had written a post called “Working on a Newish Book”.  This was the book I started writing in 2005… really 2008 and I took a 7ish year hiadus.   WEll. I went to a cafe a few weekends ago and decided… Continue Reading “Inspired again…restarting book 3”

Why I Teach

This is why I teach! During the summer in July I taught a class called origami.  Origami (おりがみ) is the Japanese art of folding paper.  I had eight classes in total and taught a variety of projects from animals to inanimate objects.  One of the… Continue Reading “Why I Teach”