Feeling Energized! Writing Book 2!

In a past post, I wrote about a newish book I was working on.  Turns out that I am rewriting it from scratch.  It’s great because I feel like I’ve grown as a writer.  I can add on to things about my story and characters by writing it over again.


I plan on self publishing and finding an editor.  That was what my first published novel was lacking.  I want my next baby, my second, to be a perfect addition to my repertoire of  work.

I’ve been pretty good.  I write once a week, even with my busy schedule.  It is great because I have been lazy in the past with writing.  However, seeing how I accomplished my goals of graduating college and teaching in Japan, I think I can achieve my goal of writing easily.

I will focus future posts on my writing and the process.  That and other random things. LOL


Edit: This post has been edited from July 9th, 2016.

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