Hot Tokyo/ Cold Food



Oh wow I haven’t written anything in weeks. I’ve been adjusting to many things while living in Japan.

We are starting the hot summer months and it is quite humid here.  Being from NJ I am not oblivious to heat or humidity.  We get our fair share of wet days in the summer months too.

I must note that despite coming from a climate that is similar to Japan, I still hate the heat.  It’s not fun and there is no way to relax except for the breeze of an air conditioner.

The Japanese however have made efforts to combat such heat in the form of food.  My friend Naomi had taught me how to make Somen (sow men).  It is a cold noodle dish that is best served with a dipping sauce littered with ice cubes.

This dish is amazing and something that is easy even for me to make.

A great side dish to go with this meal is a fish roll called Chi-Ku-Wa.  Having vegetables with it is also a plus as it will only complement an already healthy meal.

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