Inspired again…restarting book 3

A few months back I had written a post called “Working on a Newish Book”.  This was the book I started writing in 2005… really 2008 and I took a 7ish year hiadus.   WEll. I went to a cafe a few weekends ago and decided it was time to dust off that green journal and do some edits.  I took a different approach to writing, in the sense that I took time to map out what I wanted in the story.  Normally with my writing, I know the ending to a book, and write the events of the story to fit the ending.  This time I don’t know the ending to my story.  I find this to be a challenge because I am not sure what direction the story should go.

I changed a lot of the story thus far to add more depth to the character development.  I noticed in my story that the main character was awfully bland.  What I didn’t want to do was create a character that was over the top or classically precocious.  (btw the main character is a preteen child).  Normally in books, kid characters are like this.  For my character, I want her to be quite, and obedient.  She is not the most exciting, but she still has a personality.  If anything, she chooses when and where to display her thoughts.  She is the polar opposite of another character.

I am really into making this new book a gem, so I will take my time with it.  I will look into more resources to publish it and make sure it appeals to readers.  Oh and if you’re wondering why it’s called book three, Amazons of the Myst was my second novel.  The Door to Freedom (unpublished) was my first.  Both of them are copyritten.

I’ll keep you posted on this book’s progress.

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