6 Weeks Left! Woop Woop!

Okay so my new life in Japan starts in about a month and a half.  That is both a lot of time and no time!  After all, there is still some preparation for the job.  I have recently made the decision to go “natural” by wearing my hair in braids.  No extensions though.  Although I personally feel that permed hair is more aesthetically pleasing( I am speaking specifically about my own hair, and not other peoples), I feel that it will be easier for me in the long run.  Getting a perm in the states is super easy because there are obviously a lot more people with my kind of hair.  Plus my mom always did it.  Shout out to mama!

Yes, there are international salons in Tokyo that I could go to, but to be honest, I am very picky about perms.  If done correctly, your hair grows and things are good.  If not, well… you go bald.  Not that I am saying there are no beauticians in Tokyo that can do my “kinky” hair, but the number is lower.  This means that the odds of finding a decent stylist is low as well.  That makes me darn nervous.

Also there is this thing about price.  In America, there are boundless options for getting perms at a variety of prices.  On average, $40-$150 depending on where you go, or who you go to.  There is one place I researched in Tokyo that does relaxers, but that price exceeds $100 in yen.  To go there every two months or so gets really expensive.

Who knows, maybe I’ll change my mind during the year and spend the yen.  Or maybe I could use that extra money for a day trip, or importing hair care products from the States.  Either way, I feel that braiding my hair would make it healthier by not using a chemical relaxer.

I am just starting to braid my own hair and surprisingly I am doing well.  I improve every time I try and that makes me feel good.  I would love to keep it up because why not!  Natural hair is gaining more acceptance in the world and the business world as well.  That is important!  As a black woman I always felt that “kinky” hair was seen as “unkempt” and “unattractive” to others for a long while.  Permed hair, or straight hair, was seen as “neat” and “good”.  I mean it’s still like that in a lot of places, even in the States.  Yet, things are changing and it makes me feel more confident in going back to my natural state.

However, I am a very indecisive person, soooo…. let’s see how long this lasts. hahaha.


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