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Update: BookExpo + Being a Busy Bee

Hello Groovy People, I haven’t been on this in months!  Wowzers! I have been super busy with work and trying to go back to school (kinda) and working on making my book, Journey’s End, a hit. Things have been steadily moving forward.  It takes… Continue Reading “Update: BookExpo + Being a Busy Bee”


I am done with all my classes. I am so happy to be finished with school. I will take this time to work on my book (details in a future post) and relax until March!!!

4 months to go!

September is here and I am so very close to graduating soon. I’m busy brushing up on Japanese and counting the days till December!!!!!!!!!

In the Meantime…Reflecting

I like metaphors and symbolism.  This picture visually shows how my life is right now.  It’s empty, beautiful, lonely, clear, and without a true destination.  Who knows where that path ends! I am so close to graduating college. I know I am on the… Continue Reading “In the Meantime…Reflecting”

The Fire Scorches with My Hate

My heart lingers for that feeling of warmth. Dark degree of hatred scratches at my soul. Devouring it to it’s last ounce of life. My hate blooms with a power so fierce it frightens even me. How can the wicked live on with their… Continue Reading “The Fire Scorches with My Hate”

An Amazon from my novel

This is a picture I drew of one of my characters from my book Amazons of the Myst. This is Nanette. I had my friend pose for me to get the figure just right.  I have more character drawings but I got to find… Continue Reading “An Amazon from my novel”

New Beginning…

Hey it’s Jazzi and this is my first post. I hope to add more posts and fun things in the future. For now I am just testing this thing out. LOL