Nerves and Jitters

Hello all!  I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I have two months left before I move to Japan!  I’ve been spending my free time writing my next novel, walking, and sleeping…a lot.  haha.

It honestly won’t hit me that I’m in another country until I’m there for a few weeks.  Even when I visited my friends in 2012, it didn’t hit me that I was in Japan until a week after I was there.

Japan was not that “different” than any other country.  It had a lot of what I was used to and the only differences were that most people around me were Japanese.

I only knew I was in a foreign land because of the numerous cultural differences.  These differences were slight and only noticeable for little things like dinner or taking public transportation.  Seriously, people don’t push you to get on the train or bus, they are patient and wait in line!!!!! (behind a yellow line of all things!)

I am really ready to work and start my life, but I have to say I got some nerves brewing.  I am a nervous nancy about the most random things and stress myself out more than necessary.  A few weeks ago I freaked out that 4 of my business blouses were too low.  So I bought a cammie to make sure I can bend over without introducing my girls to unfortunate students. (all developed ladies know what I mean)

I also freaked about having only one black blazer.  I get that Americans are not put up to the same standards as Japanese when it comes to their strict customs, but still, this is my job and I don’t want to be another “stupid American”.  I guess I could just wait to start my job to see how things go and if my nerves are just that.

I try to meditate daily to make sure my thoughts don’t get the better of me.  It is great that my best friend will be living in my same town.  So if I do have a bad day or a nerve induced day, I can always go to her house to de-stress.  Consider myself lucky for the support 6+ thousand miles away from home.

Till then I will enjoy my carefree carol days, and hope the best for the future.


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