Month: May 2015



One of my hand written books!

I love collecting journals to hand write my books. Do you like to hand write books or anything else?

Working on a newish book…

Setting in New Book??? Hey I have a book that I have been working on since 2005.  I can’t tell you much about it except it is a continuous work in progress. I like to hand write my novels before typing them.  So technically… Continue Reading “Working on a newish book…”

Hand Drawn Picture of an Amazon

A character drawing of Rekah.  She is the sister of Laymonie, the Amazon queen.  My friend posed for this picture as well. Thanks Phoebe!

My First Book Launch! Amazons of the Myst

In April 2013 I had my first book launch at the Hilton Branch Library in Maplewood New Jersey. I was explaining the story of my book Amazons of the Myst. I also answered questions from the audience. The gathering was small but still pretty… Continue Reading “My First Book Launch! Amazons of the Myst”

The Fire Scorches with My Hate

My heart lingers for that feeling of warmth. Dark degree of hatred scratches at my soul. Devouring it to it’s last ounce of life. My hate blooms with a power so fierce it frightens even me. How can the wicked live on with their… Continue Reading “The Fire Scorches with My Hate”

An Amazon from my novel

This is a picture I drew of one of my characters from my book Amazons of the Myst. This is Nanette. I had my friend pose for me to get the figure just right.  I have more character drawings but I got to find… Continue Reading “An Amazon from my novel”

Tokyo Fun! Ghibli Museum Photos & A Bit of Shibuya

I love this museum so much. I wish I could take photos inside the place but it wasn’t allowed.  I got a shot of Hachiko the faithful dog who waited for his owner even after the owner died.  Such a fun trip I must… Continue Reading “Tokyo Fun! Ghibli Museum Photos & A Bit of Shibuya”

A Bus To Ghibli!

This is the bus you can take to the Ghibli museum.  I believe I took this outside of the station of Shinjuku. You can walk from the station to Mitaka where the museum is located, but that takes a bit of time. The Ghibli… Continue Reading “A Bus To Ghibli!”

Amazons of the Myst

This is my first published novel.  I started writing it in 2005 at the age of 17. I didn’t finish writing it until early 2013 and published it a few months after that. It is truly my baby and I have to say it… Continue Reading “Amazons of the Myst”