Finally In Japan!

So a few weeks ago I came to Japan for my job as an English language teacher.  For my free time those first few days, I hung out with my fellow English teachers to a few places like Kyoto and Okayama.  Let’s just say it was so much fun connecting to so many wonderful people.  This kind of support makes living in a foreign country a bit easier.

I’ll try to upload more pictures and write more posts when I’m not too busy.  Working is very busy and now that I have a social life, I find my time for me dwindling.  Finding balance is my goal at this point.  Hahaha


One Comment on “Finally In Japan!

  1. Looks beautiful. Maybe one day I will be blessed to live my dream. Wait a minute I am living my dream. I always wanted to be a mom. I am so happy you are living one of your dreams.

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