Throwback Picture! #1

Here am I 10 years ago when I was just 17! Wow time flies. :p

In the Meantime…Reflecting

I like metaphors and symbolism.  This picture visually shows how my life is right now.  It’s empty, beautiful, lonely, clear, and without a true destination.  Who knows where that path ends!

I am so close to graduating college. I know I am on the right path, I know where I want to go, but for now there are unseen obstacles.  I may not get financial aide for the fall, I may not be able to go to Japan the month I want……..

We try to plan and prepare for everything, but just like this path, all we can see is what is there at the moment.  We can’t look that far ahead(literally and figuratively).

As for the empty and lonely part, I am taking this path by myself.  I have no romantic relationships, nor is anyone traveling with me when I do move to Japan. I will do this all on my own.  Even with support, I am physically alone.

Scary as it may be, this path is just beautiful.  There is some clarity in my mind at the moment.  My head seems clear now than ever because I am done with all my classes for my major.  I just need the fall semester and thats it.  For once in my insane life, I feel the pressure of college slowly lifting and being less than it was several years ago.

As I continue this path/journey…I hope that my goals will be fulfilled. I hope that one day I can come to a destination that I longed for.  I hope that I can also find love from another and not be so lonely.

Till then I look at this picture that represents me and keep walking….

The Joy of the Onsen

When I went to Japan I had the opportunity to enjoy an onsen.  This is a public bath, or a bath you take with others.  I was able to do this with a Japanese friend and it was very relaxing!

If you don’t know about an onsen then I will let you know now!

You must shower first, on what is basically a floor.  The floor is designed like a shower, but you must sit.  You have a stool to sit on and wash from there.  After, you can go into the bath.  A bath in Japan is for soaking and relaxing.  So no dirty bodies please! You can’t wear a towel or any article of clothing.  Basically you must be quite comfortable with bathing with others.  This seems rather odd for many Americans, but the Japanese are a group centered society.  They see it as normal and are quite respectful. So don’t worry too much about being a naked foreigner.

*warning, the onsen is extremely hot spring water.  It has minerals and again, super hot, even more so than a hot tub!  When I soaked in the bath with my friend I could only do 10 minutes maybe.  LOL

After that you take a quick shower to wash off the minerals of the bath.  Then you dry in the dressing room and sleep like a baby that’s just been fed. HA

When I visited my other friend I had the opportunity to try the onsen again.  Unfortunately my little red friend decided to visit me. DARN!

The onsen I couldn’t go to was located in a nice resort town in Hokkaido.  I have the following pictures to show the town and all its relaxing glory.  I will love to travel to this place again and enjoy the onsen with others.

As you can tell I have no inhibitions. How do they say, “When in Japan, do as the Japanese do!”



One of my hand written books!

My book 2015

I love collecting journals to hand write my books. Do you like to hand write books or anything else?

Working on a newish book…

Setting of new book?

Setting in New Book???

Hey I have a book that I have been working on since 2005.  I can’t tell you much about it except it is a continuous work in progress.

I like to hand write my novels before typing them.  So technically I am half way finished.  Its great and I love it! I still got more to do and will definitely work this year to complete it.  My new goal ( I have many goals in life) is to copywrite it and send it to an editor.  Then self-publish again.

It feels freeing to just write and have the mind wander in a vast space of endless creativity.

🙂  I’ll keep you posted!

Hand Drawn Picture of an Amazon

Rekah  the Amazon

A character drawing of Rekah.  She is the sister of Laymonie, the Amazon queen.  My friend posed for this picture as well. Thanks Phoebe!

My First Book Launch! Amazons of the Myst

In April 2013 I had my first book launch at the Hilton Branch Library in Maplewood New Jersey.

I was explaining the story of my book Amazons of the Myst. I also answered questions from the audience.

The gathering was small but still pretty good. That night I sold 30 copies of my book. Not bad for a self published writer with no connections. 🙂

Of course I had to sign my copies. The first editions!

I was all smiles that night. It may not be easy being a self published author, but it’s not impossible.

The Fire Scorches with My Hate

My heart lingers for that feeling of warmth. Dark degree of hatred scratches at my soul. Devouring it to it’s last ounce of life. My hate blooms with a power so fierce it frightens even me. How can the wicked live on with their hate as mine dooms me to a stump of endless pain? Harsh reality hits me like water from a hieght of a hundred feet. It tingles at first then burns profusly. I set fire to your land in hopes to make you burn with me. My hatred burns within me and leaves me with nothing. Curse the day I met you and saw your devious smile. Time with not wilt my pain or sorrow. Only with fire shall I burn you with my hate. Forever will you be lost in a endless balance of ash. Dark fallen and mourned. Breaking apart with every touch. This I hope consumes you as it has done me. Life is not what I had hoped it would be. So there you have nothing not even your fellows to save you now. Die countless times, and burn endlessly.


I wrote this based on one of my characters from Amazons of the Myst.  This is when the character Nanette is betrayed and expresses how she feels.  This is not in the book, but something I created based on the content.

An Amazon from my novel


This is a picture I drew of one of my characters from my book Amazons of the Myst. This is Nanette. I had my friend pose for me to get the figure just right.  I have more character drawings but I got to find them. haha.

This picture is on my deviant art website.