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Hot Tokyo/ Cold Food

    Oh wow I haven’t written anything in weeks. I’ve been adjusting to many things while living in Japan. We are starting the hot summer months and it is quite humid here.  Being from NJ I am not oblivious to heat or humidity.… Continue Reading “Hot Tokyo/ Cold Food”

Candles and Things

It has been a long while since I’ve posted anything.  I am in the middle of Golden Week here in Japan.  I’ve been spending my days hanging out with friends and enjoying my time away from work. I’ve gone to Harajuku, aka the fashion… Continue Reading “Candles and Things”

Finally In Japan!

So a few weeks ago I came to Japan for my job as an English language teacher.  For my free time those first few days, I hung out with my fellow English teachers to a few places like Kyoto and Okayama.  Let’s just say… Continue Reading “Finally In Japan!”

2 Weeks Left! Randomness…

So now is the time where it is starting to sink in.  I am about to leave and work for a year in Japan.  Wow!! I have decided to perm my hair.  As much as I would love to keep my naturalness, my hair… Continue Reading “2 Weeks Left! Randomness…”

Nerves and Jitters

Hello all!  I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I have two months left before I move to Japan!  I’ve been spending my free time writing my next novel, walking, and sleeping…a lot.  haha. It honestly won’t hit me that I’m in another country until I’m… Continue Reading “Nerves and Jitters”

I’m Going to Japan!

Last week I received the best news ever! I got accepted to work as an English language Teacher in Japan.  I will start in late March of 2016.  This is great because I get to live overseas in a country I adore, and work with children as… Continue Reading “I’m Going to Japan!”

Why I Teach

This is why I teach! During the summer in July I taught a class called origami.  Origami (おりがみ) is the Japanese art of folding paper.  I had eight classes in total and taught a variety of projects from animals to inanimate objects.  One of the… Continue Reading “Why I Teach”

The Joy of the Onsen

When I went to Japan I had the opportunity to enjoy an onsen.  This is a public bath, or a bath you take with others.  I was able to do this with a Japanese friend and it was very relaxing! If you don’t know about… Continue Reading “The Joy of the Onsen”