Feeling Motivated! On Chapter 7

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Setting of new book?

the planes of my creativity is endless

So in the past month, I’ve been writing in my novel.  I hope that my new found motivation to write weekly continues.  I have been inspired by listening to a playlist in my ipod.  It comprises of artists such as Kelis, Michael Jackson, Childish Gambino, BoA, Foo Fighters, Sade, Clipse, and a few others.

Music inspires me because it creates this feeling much like nostalgia.  It pushes my creativity and makes it flow.  I have been going to this wonderful place called Tsutaya in my town.  I get there early like 9am to beat the rush of people.  I get me a matcha frappuccino and sit in bliss.  The goal is 3 hours.  Last week I did two days back to back with 2 and a half hours each.  Today, I did 3 full hours!

The downside of this is sitting for so long.  If it weren’t for nerve issues within my back due to sitting too long then I would do about 5 hours!  I was really going today and felt great!  I notice that if I do this every week, then I could complete many chapters and make my goal of finishing by January!

I don’t want to push too hard as I don’t want garbage.  Quality is key and re-writing my novel proves to be beneficial to fleshing out the story and characters.

I’m eager to have it published by April of next year.  Then I can go back to my science fiction novel I started in 2005.  I also have a horror novel and science horror novel I want to write.  However, they must be on the shelf in my mind while I work on the current book.

I feel really good and unstoppable in my quest to accomplish my goals.  Please stay tuned! Once I finish my current book and copyrite it, you bet your bottom dollar that I will have a few chapter samples for you to read before the finished product comes out!


Hot Tokyo/ Cold Food

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Oh wow I haven’t written anything in weeks. I’ve been adjusting to many things while living in Japan.

We are starting the hot summer months and it is quite humid here.  Being from NJ I am not oblivious to heat or humidity.  We get our fair share of wet days in the summer months too.

I must note that despite coming from a climate that is similar to Japan, I still hate the heat.  It’s not fun and there is no way to relax except for the breeze of an air conditioner.

The Japanese however have made efforts to combat such heat in the form of food.  My friend Naomi had taught me how to make Somen (sow men).  It is a cold noodle dish that is best served with a dipping sauce littered with ice cubes.

This dish is amazing and something that is easy even for me to make.

A great side dish to go with this meal is a fish roll called Chi-Ku-Wa.  Having vegetables with it is also a plus as it will only complement an already healthy meal.