Month: January 2016

Inspired again…restarting book 3

A few months back I had written a post called “Working on a Newish Book”.  This was the book I started writing in 2005… really 2008 and I took a 7ish year hiadus.   WEll. I went to a cafe a few weekends ago and decided… Continue Reading “Inspired again…restarting book 3”

My Eclectic Tastes: Kelis

I am a fan of music.  It inspires my calm and the novels I write.  I decided to make segment type posts about my varied tastes in music. This post is all about Kelis.     I first heard Kelis in 1999 with her… Continue Reading “My Eclectic Tastes: Kelis”

Nerves and Jitters

Hello all!  I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I have two months left before I move to Japan!  I’ve been spending my free time writing my next novel, walking, and sleeping…a lot.  haha. It honestly won’t hit me that I’m in another country until I’m… Continue Reading “Nerves and Jitters”